Entfeuchtungs-Truhe CT 20
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Abmessungen CT 20-Truhe


Advantages: no moisture condensation, no soaking of ceilings and walls. Highly pleasant ambient air, lower cost of heating and operation, independent use of the employed source of heating.

Application: Through heat recovery from humid ambient air, damp and wet rooms are economically dehumidified using heat pump technology.

Function: Room air is sucked in through a filter and led through an air cooler. As the moist warm air hits the cold surface of the cooler, water is separated from the damp air. The air is subsequently reheated up to inlet temperature. Residual air can be put to further use in the heating or pool water system via heat exchanger.

Thus any heat released by water separation from damp air as well as heat resulting from operating power can be fully recovered. A combined temperature/humidity control keeps room temperature constant. Fresh air may be supplied to the room or dissipated by the dehumidifier or an additional system. A constant airflow is guaranteed. The quiet operating units can be installed directly in the room to be air conditioned or in a separate room. Constant airflow at different pressure levels is guaranteed.